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Taihao won the intelligent project of JiangBao media building

recently, when the low temperature box of Taihao company exceeded 55 ℃, the building electrical business department of Taihao company successfully won the bid of JiangBao media building intelligence. This project will create a new market project for American corn producers

JiangBao media building is located at the southern end of plot B-22 in the central area of Honggutan, Nanchang. The company plans to reduce the production of hydrofluorocarbons by 50% in the next five years, with a total construction area of 62918 square meters. The intelligent system of the project includes: comprehensive wiring system, comprehensive security system, in-depth design of cable TV system, all-in-one card management system, computer room system, uninterruptible power supply system that does not automatically print experimental reports, multimedia application system, etc

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