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Taihe robot starts from the bottom key technology

half of 2015 has passed. Hefei Taihe Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to develop and expand the field of color selection. Facing the new field of robots, they will promote them step by step, industry by industry, so as to lay a good foundation for the development and expansion of the robot market without the need to associate with PC. Hefei Taihe Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., which combines color sorters and robots, is bound to usher in a new era of "made in Hefei"

Shi Jiangtao, deputy general manager of Hefei Taihe optoelectronics company

we couldn't find sundries in the rice, because the colored sorter helped us pick them; In the factory, pieces of fragile large glass or pieces of heavy goods are easily moved under the operation of robots. Hefei Taihe Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., which combines color sorters and robots, is bound to usher in a new era of Hefei manufacturing

in May this year, Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission released the list of any two of the top 20 software enterprises in Anhui Province in 2015, and Taihe ranked among them. In this regard, Shi Jiangtao, deputy general manager of the company, said that half of 2015 has passed, and Taihe will continue to develop and expand the field of color selection. Facing the new field of robots, they will promote them step by step, industry by industry, laying a good foundation for the development and expansion of the robot market

color sorter: 99.99% of the sundries are selected

many years ago, when citizens bought rice, mung beans, peanuts and other crops, they usually took a sieve to screen out the small stones, sand and other sundries inside. But now, it is difficult to see sundries in the crops sold on the market, and even the color and size of each grain of rice and mung bean are the same. This change is due to the emergence of a color sorter. Taihe is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of color sorters. It took the lead in Applying CCD technology to the color sorter industry, filling the gap of domestic high-end intelligent color sorters. Intelligent detection and sorting equipment has covered agricultural products for various purposes, such as rice, Cereals, tea, etc

as bags of rice and other crops are poured into the feed inlet and flow from top to bottom along the slide automatically set by the machine, the high-speed optical camera lens inside the machine will automatically collect the color information of rice. Once moldy rice or foreign matters with different color shapes are found, they can be immediately identified, and the air flow switch is turned on through the high-frequency solenoid valve device to blow the foreign matters into the waste cavity, so as to achieve the purpose of color selection. The cleaning rate of the color separator independently developed by Taihe reached 99.99%. It can be said that there are basically no sundries found in the rice and other things selected by this machine. Talking about the research and development of color sorters, Mr. Shi recalled that in the mid-1990s, there was no color sorter produced by himself in the Chinese market. At that time, it would cost millions of yuan to buy a foreign color sorter. As a large grain country, China has hundreds of thousands of rice processing enterprises, and the market potential is undoubtedly huge

Taihe was founded in 2004. Relying on the research and development strength of universities such as China University of science and technology, the company began the research and development of its own brand color sorter. At present, the color sorters developed and produced by the company have been sold at home and abroad, with annual sales of about 300million, half of which are for export, ranking second in the domestic industry

then, at the end of the production line, another protagonist of this interview appeared. A palletizing robot is on standby. As soon as the rice bag approaches, it will open its hands and carry the rice bag to the nearby transportation track. At this time, a handling robot will send the rice to the designated place along a specific track

Hefei Taihe robot (data map)

the general trend of machine replacement

at present, the sales volume is 4.35 billion yuan, and the supply of front-line workers in many enterprises is in short supply, especially for heavy physical strength and repeated labor positions, which generally encounter the problem of recruitment. Most of the current production workers are post-80s, many of them are post-90s, and they are unwilling to engage in such work. Shi Jiangtao said that there are also some special types of work, such as punch press, whose actions are constantly repeated, which makes workers prone to fatigue. Once their attention is relaxed, it is easy to cause industrial accidents. It is necessary to introduce industrial robots

Taihe started the research and development of industrial robots in 2012. So far, there are mainly three categories of products: Joint stacking robot series, punch loading and unloading robot series and fork AGV. The technology of industrial machine under development to confirm the performance of a method should be one of the following cases, or a combination of them: the robot mainly includes 20kg six axis articulated robot and 3kg SCARA robot, which are expected to be introduced to the market this year. Robots involve many disciplines and key technologies, such as servo drive systems with high response, high torque and high speed, reducers with low backlash and large torque, high-precision and efficient motion controllers, and positioning and detection systems based on machine vision

Taihe's core technology now mainly focuses on motion controller and positioning and detection system based on machine vision. The motion control platform company has made two generations. The first generation of motion control platform mainly adopts pulse control structure. Through the motion control algorithm of independent intellectual property rights, it can improve the running beat and repeated positioning accuracy of the equipment. Mr. Shi recalled that the original motion control algorithm stacking beat was 650 times/hour. Two months later, we improved the algorithm to 850 times/hour on the basis of the same hardware; The second generation motion control platform adopts the control structure of bus, which further improves the reliability of the platform and the accuracy of motion control; In addition, by building all our products on the same platform, we will greatly benefit the stability and reliability of the equipment, and also reduce the cost of maintenance and upgrading

general manager Shi emphasized that Taihe robot starts from the bottom key technology and has mastered the core technology of robot control. It is essentially different from other manufacturers engaged in robot applications, which is also the core of the long-term sustainable development of Taihe robot

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