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Pay close attention to quality inspection work and promote the healthy and prosperous development of the printing industry. Comrades:

the main task of this meeting is to summarize and exchange the printing quality inspection work of publications over the past four years, commend the units of printing high-quality publications in 2004, study and formulate the work plan of printing product quality supervision and inspection during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, and arrange the quality inspection work in 2006. First of all, please allow me, on behalf of the General Administration of publishing, to express my sincere condolences to the vast number of cadres and workers engaged in the quality supervision and testing of printing products across the country! Express warm congratulations to the advanced units that have been awarded

just now, comrades from Shandong Publishing Bureau introduced their practice. Later, comrade Xiang Tong will also make a work report, Comrade Shi Tong will speak on behalf of the printing and reproduction Department of the General Administration, and Comrade Xiaolin will explain the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" for printing and inspection. Next, I would like to make a few comments

first, we should fully recognize the achievements made in the supervision and testing of print quality in recent years

since the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, China's printing industry has made considerable progress, the number and development scale of enterprises have increased rapidly, and the business mode and technical equipment have been significantly improved. With the prosperity and development of books, newspapers and periodicals, and the rapid improvement of printing technology, the quality supervision and technical testing of publication printing in China have been strengthened and improved. Over the years, quality supervision and testing departments at all levels have done a lot of effective work

first, it is managed according to law and strict requirements. The quality supervision and testing work shall carefully publicize and implement the product quality law of the people's Republic of China, improve the quality awareness of the whole industry, and incorporate the printing quality of publications into the legal management of the product quality law of the people's Republic of China, so as to ensure that there are laws to abide by and laws to abide by

the second is to establish rules and regulations. The industry makes the upper indenter bearing pad about 1mm away from the upper end face of the sample. Over the past few years, a series of departmental regulations have been formulated, including the "Regulations on the management of book quality", "Interim Measures for the supervision and management of book and periodical printing quality" and "book quality assurance system", and a printing quality standard system has been established. Starting from the administrative and technical aspects, a code of conduct suitable for the development of China's industry has been gradually established

third, technological innovation to improve quality. Over the years, the General Administration has actively promoted the technological transformation and technological upgrading of the national publishing and printing industry, starting with improving the technical level and promoting the improvement of the quality of publications

fourth, establish networks and work together. At present, 32 quality inspection stations have been established nationwide, including the printing product quality supervision and testing center of the General Administration, the printing quality inspection station of the military system, and the printing quality inspection station of the publishing bureaus of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government. Many publishing houses and printing enterprises have established their own printing quality management institutions, forming a national publication printing quality supervision and testing network

fifth, establish a brand and expert review. Take the evaluation and identification of "excellent products" as the core, and gradually form a famous brand development strategy centered on famous brand products and famous brand units. The General Administration has set up special agencies and expert committees to review and identify "excellent products of the General Administration" and gold, silver and bronze quality units every year, which has a certain impact on the society. In, 150000 kinds of "excellent products of high-temperature accelerated nylon hydrolysis" were evaluated, and a number of gold, silver and bronze quality units were selected. This is an important measure for us to implement the outline for quality revitalization of the State Council and implement the development strategy of famous brands

sixth, sampling inspection and strict identification. The quality inspection center of the General Administration of quality supervision and inspection and the quality inspection stations in various regions cooperate with each other to go deep into publishing units, printing enterprises or bookstores on a regular or irregular basis to carry out sampling inspection of ex factory products. Since the 14th National Book market, the books participating in the national book market have also been intensively inspected. The number of publishers inspected each time accounts for more than half of the 573 publishers in the country. After years of efforts, we have gradually formed a working mechanism that combines sampling inspection and centralized inspection to scientifically determine whether the batch quality is qualified or unqualified

Second, we should fully understand the significance of doing a good job in the supervision and testing of print quality

this year is the first year for China to implement the Eleventh Five Year Plan for national economic and social development, and it is also an important year for the central government to propose to deepen the reform of the cultural system. The goal of the reform is to create more spiritual and cultural products that better meet the needs of the people. The reform must be conducive to improving the quality of publications, rather than reducing the quality of publications. In the new situation, it is of great significance to strengthen and improve the quality supervision and testing of printed matter

1. It is an inevitable requirement for the implementation of the scientific concept of development to do a good job of printing quality inspection. The concept of comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific development put forward at the Third Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee is an important strategic decision made by the CPC Central Committee in the new historical period to achieve the grand goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. People oriented is the essence and core of the scientific concept of development. With the rapid growth of China's economy, the continuous development of society, the increasing improvement of the level of science and technology, and the gradual improvement of people's lives, people's demand for material life and spiritual culture is higher and higher, which requires not only a great abundance of goods in quantity, but also a significant improvement in quality. Product quality is not only the basis for the survival and development of an enterprise, but also the embodiment of a country's comprehensive national strength such as the level of scientific and Technological Development and management. The reason why Japan, which is short of resources, can quickly develop into a world economic power after World War II is to pay close attention to product quality and make its cars and electronic products popular. The development of China's printing industry, especially the printing industry of books, newspapers and periodicals, must adhere to the requirements of the scientific concept of development, put improving quality first, realize and protect the basic cultural rights and interests of citizens, and meet people's growing spiritual and cultural needs

2. It is an important work to give full play to the cultural attribute of publications to do a good job in the quality supervision and testing of printed matter. Books, newspapers and other publications have both material commodity attributes and spiritual and cultural attributes; It is not only an important product circulating in the socialist market economy, but also an important carrier of the construction of socialist spiritual civilization; We should not only pay attention to economic benefits, but also improve social benefits, so as to realize the organic unity of economic benefits and social benefits. As a special commodity, books, newspapers and other publications differ from general commodities in that books, newspapers and publications have strong reproducibility, and are disseminated in the society at a very fast speed and a very wide range. High quality publications will spread their social benefits for a long time; On the contrary, publications of poor quality will be widely poisoned in society. This is the truth of the so-called "a slightest mistake is a thousand miles away". Therefore, to do a good job in the quality supervision and testing of printed materials, especially books, newspapers and periodicals, is not only the basic work of general commodity production, but also an important aspect of publicity and ideological work, and it is the due meaning of carrying forward the advanced socialist culture

3. To do a good job in the supervision and inspection of printing quality is the internal requirement for the rapid and healthy development of the printing industry. The printing industry is an important part of the cultural industry. Economic development and the improvement of people's material and cultural living standards inevitably require the printing industry to adapt to it and achieve rapid and healthy development. At present, there are nearly 100000 printing enterprises of all kinds in mainland China, with 3.4 million employees and a total industrial output value of more than 300 billion yuan, of which publication printing enterprises play an important role. The production capacity of China's printing industry has been continuously enhanced, and the level of printing technology should be significantly improved. Three regional printing industrial belts, namely, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai rim, have basically formed, and a number of large printing enterprises with considerable scale and strong competitiveness have emerged. However, compared with the world's advanced level, China's printing industry still has problems of low-level repeated construction, imperfect industry standard system, and low level of digital application. If the printing industry wants to achieve rapid and healthy development, it must attach great importance to quality inspection, constantly improve product quality, change from resource consumption type to quality benefit type, and change from extensive management type to intensive management type, so as to meet the needs of economic development and the improvement of people's living standards. Quality is the basis of benefit, the lifeline of an enterprise, a component of horizontal tensile testing machine, and an important prerequisite for the prosperity of the industry

4. It is an urgent requirement to do a good job in the supervision and inspection of print quality to solve the current problems of publication printing quality. In recent years, the printing quality of publications in China has been greatly improved, and a large number of books, periodicals, newspapers and other publications with good content and quality have been published. According to the statistics in recent years, the overall qualified rate of batch quality of the varieties sampled by the quality inspection center of the General Administration of quality supervision and inspection is more than 90%, and the rate of excellent products has reached 24% of the total varieties of books and periodicals published in recent years. In the selection of "the most beautiful book in the world" sponsored by the German book art foundation, China has won awards for books for three consecutive years. However, at present, there are still many problems in the quality of publications in China, and the overall printing level of publications needs to be further improved. In terms of the types of publications, the printing quality of ordinary middle and low-grade books and periodicals is generally poor, with wrong words, incomplete pages, pages, waste pages, missing subscriptions and other phenomena occurring from time to time, and the phenomenon of rough and shoddy production is serious; In terms of the contents of publications, there are many quality problems in textbooks, teaching aids, dictionaries, children's books and other publications, resulting in a very bad social impact; From the perspective of the types of quality problems, the main defects are color printing color distortion, tone loss, inaccurate overprint, different shades of color, monochrome printing products with uneven ink color, blurred text, missing pen and stroke, through printing and other defects, especially the book binding quality is not satisfactory. The reasons for the low printing quality of publications are not only the objective reasons such as low equipment technology and poor process level, but also the subjective reasons such as weak quality awareness and low management level. Now, among some proofreaders, there is a popular saying, called "no mistake, no book", that there are a few wrong words in the book does not affect reading. In some publishing houses, the system of "three reviews and three proofreading" is a mere formality, and even the so-called "new three reviews and three proofreading" has appeared, that is, a manuscript is divided into three parts for each person, three proofreaders for each part, and the book is signed out after reading it in a week. Such quality supervision is impossible without problems. At present, the quality of publications has attracted the attention of many people. Deputies to the National People's Congress and the media often raise the quality problems existing in books and newspapers. If we can't do a good job in the supervision and inspection of publication quality and effectively improve the quality of publications, the quality of our publications may become a social hot issue like "fake books"

third, be realistic and pragmatic, and do a good job in the quality supervision and testing of printed materials.

the General Administration has always paid great attention to and attached great importance to the quality of publications. At the National Conference of publishing directors held at the beginning of this year, the work report of the General Administration emphasized that "quality is the life of publications. All publishing units should take quality as the center to organize the publication and distribution of publications, establish, improve and seriously implement corresponding systems, improve working mechanisms, and strictly control the quality of publications." Article 21 of the "folding project" issued by the General Administration this year is to "strengthen the inspection of the quality of various publications, pay attention to the content quality of publications, and improve the editing and proofreading quality of publications and the production and reproduction of publications

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