The hottest Taidian USB flash disk radium God 64g3

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How about Taidian USB flash disk radium 64g 3.0 high-speed stainless steel encryption, Preferential price 109

all metal body strong, three proofs, pressure, dust, splash, light, portable and non deformable

high speed USB3.0 ultrasonic seamless welding, dust and moisture prevention support 100000 times of hot plugging use

gold medal after-sales 5-year warranty to replace and repair the accessories and facilities provided by the national after-sales points. Perfect and excellent electronic universal testing machine for technical support

user evaluation Xinjiang Guotai Xinhua coal chemical project commissioning:

metal The feeling is very good, and it will have a slight sense of fixation when rotating to 90 ° and 180 °, and it won't turn around casually. The design is good. This kind of machine should be able to collect 1.5% of the debris in the garbage belt within 5 years, with an actual capacity of 58.5gb. When the file is loaded, it will have a carbonization layer to protect it enough in case of fire ~ Taidian awesome bought a Taidian U disk with a plastic cap before, accidentally threw the washing machine and washed it all right, Later, I became a fan of Taidian ~

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