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The closing of the Taipei Computer exhibition attracted 38000 international buyers

the 2015 Taipei international computer exhibition ended on the 6th, with a total of 1702 domestic and foreign manufacturers using 5072 booths. Smart link, mobile applications, cloud technology and services are the main axes running through this exhibition. According to the statistics of the foreign trade association, the organizer, about 38550 international buyers from 165 countries have been welcomed as of the noon of June 6 and the past five days, an increase of about 1.6% over 2014. The top ten buyers are Chinese Mainland, Japan, Meier industrial and agricultural China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Thailand and India. According to the analysis of local differences, Asian buyers account for 76%, followed by North America accounting for 10.61% and Europe accounting for 7%. This data further shows that Computex is the best platform for international exhibitors to enter the Asian market to jointly overcome difficulties

IOT is the biggest highlight of this computerex. More than 700 manufacturers have exhibited IOT related products or technologies, such as mobile handheld devices, wearable devices, wireless communication/transmission, cloud technology, smart home, smart life, secure payment and other projects. The cross industry/cross device application contained in IOT creates a big cake for the industry, and every manufacturer has the opportunity. In this year's Computex, in addition to seeing the positive performance of many Taiwanese manufacturers using the existing technology niche, small and medium-sized start-ups have also invested in competing with large manufacturers

from the day before the Taipei International Computer Exhibition, a series of manufacturers began to show new products. For example, ASUS brought out the new zenpad series tablet computer, arm, which participated in the exhibition for the first time, launched a subsystem of Cortex-M for IOT, and MediaTek released Helio P10 eight core system single chip, integrating eight core cortex A53 processor and GPU graphics processor. Acer plays the role of cloud provider, pushing for self built cloud byoc ecosystem and integration solutions; MSI launched an E-sports laptop with cool Tobii eye tracking technology in terms of tax burden. Xyzprinting exhibited a service-oriented robot that combines functions such as automatic navigation, IOT and monitoring

intel and Microsoft held large-scale forums during the computer exhibition to work together with manufacturers to make new products appear. Kirk SKAUGEN, senior vice president of Intel and general manager of the client computing business group, delivered a keynote speech, announcing the expansion of the 5th generation intel core processor series and the launch of 10 desktop and mobile processors, including the desktop processor with built-in Intel iris Pro graphics chip. In addition, Intel also publicizes the specifications and standards of thunderbolt 3. Nick Parker, vice president of Microsoft, officially announced the launch date of the windows 10 operating system, and for the first time announced the latest products from partner manufacturers that support Windows 10

the topic of wearable devices is under great pressure in CO environmental protection this year. Mputex continues to have a fever, but it has been derived from smart glasses/watches/bracelets to smart rings and smart headphones. The application of smart technology has also been extended to hairy children at home. The smart neck ring and cat face recognition feeder designed for cats and dogs have made visitors feel strange

the foreign trade association, the organizer, plans to hold a "one-to-one procurement negotiation meeting", which provides an environment for manufacturers to contact potential buyers outside the booth. In total, more than 4000 events were handled in three days, with 204 international heavyweight buyers from 30 countries participating. Industrial computers, POS, wearable products, 3D products, memory and spare parts are the most popular procurement projects

CNET, an internationally renowned ICT professional media, pointed out that full of "crazy ideas" is a major feature of computerex. It is fun to shuttle through the computerex exhibition hall and find new ideas from time to time. After 35 years of development, computerex has transformed from a procurement platform to a stage for the publication of ICT new products, new technologies and new trends. Creativity in computerex will not be just flashy slogans or unreachable imagination, but will be concretely realized. Through diversified product presentation, the elite, buyers and media in the global ICT industry will have a glimpse of the future smart life

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