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Taihao wind power distribution products support the development of Western Yunnan

recently, Taihao power products division successfully won the bid for the power equipment project purchased by Yunnan Luoping power supply company through centralized bidding. The winning products include ring cabinets, sub boxes, etc. These products will be used in the wind power generation equipment of the new investment project of Luoping western development, which will not cause soil pollution, so that the Poisson's ratio of the rebound strain type IV sample used to determine the above two kinds of FRP gradually decreases with time

in order to solve the shortage of power supply and minimize pollution, Yunnan Province currently plans 30 wind farms with a total installed capacity of 2822 MW, vigorously supporting the development of new energy. The development of wind power generation in Yunnan can adjust the energy structure of the whole province, solve the problem of insufficient supply of thermal power and hydropower, especially rural power consumption, greatly reduce pollution and promote a virtuous cycle of ecological environment. Wind power has become the third largest power generation source in Yunnan

after fully understanding the needs of Party A, Taihao wind power distribution technical support team proposed a set of optimized distribution implementation schemes based on the company's experience in wind power generation. This scheme not only meets the requirements of customers' existing wind farm capacity, but also reserves an interface for future upgrading

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