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On January 13, a good news came from Bengbu, Anhui Province. Taifu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for the first phase of changhuaiwei urbanization (EPC) construction project in Bengbu Economic Development Zone, The project amount reached 1.97 billion yuan. This not only shows the good omen of a prosperous new year for Taifu, but also fully reflects but is still expanding the capacity of aluminum lithium alloy, showing the increasing comprehensive strength and brand effect of Taifu

according to the requirements of winning the bid, Taifu will provide the owner with a series of services such as the design and construction of road infrastructure, nine-year compulsory school, residential and public service facilities

previously, the foundation of the underground integrated pipe gallery project of Taifu East China Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park and Lingang Industrial Park located in Bengbu Economic and Technological Development Zone was also laid in December 2016. The implementation of the two projects has effectively promoted the construction of Taifu in the field of intelligent manufacturing and engineering project 6 A4 laser printers and 1 HP Project, and also laid a solid foundation for Taifu's strategic layout in East China, "said Chang Manson

2016 is an extraordinary year for Taifu. With the implementation of national strategies such as "the the Belt and Road" and "the construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt", Taifu has actively responded to and strongly promoted the "going out" strategy. At the same time, it has expanded its industrial layout and insisted on serving the country with industry, and has made remarkable achievements. 2017 will be a year for the transformation and scale fission of Taifu's business, and it will also be a year for a variety of favorable factors to promote the transformation of Taifu from being big to being real when it is truly Datong. The "good start" of Bengbu project has laid a solid foundation for the achievement of Taifu's business objectives in 2017. (this article is from Taifu)

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