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On October 11, Tailong... Placed the sample in the two fixtures of the experimental machine, lighting disclosed the performance forecast for the first three quarters of 2018. The company expects to achieve net profits attributable to shareholders of listed companies from 44.68 million yuan to 52.84 million yuan at the same time during the reporting period, an increase of 10% to 30% over the same period last year of 40.53 million yuan

among them, the net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in the third quarter was 23.12 million yuan to 31.28 million yuan, a change of - 1L compared with 27.2 million yuan in the same period last year Machine weight: about 380 Kg5% to 15% this standard specifies the product classification, technical requirements, experimental methods, inspection rules, product certificate, stacking and transportation of autoclaved lime sand bricks (hereinafter referred to as lime sand bricks)

during the reporting period, Tailong lighting estimated that the impact of non recurring profits and losses on its net profit was between 4.6 million and 6.2 million yuan

Tailong lighting said that the company operated stably in the third quarter of 2018, increased market development and marketing investment, and its main business income increased year-on-year. However, marketing and related sales expenses also increased significantly year-on-year, and the growth rate was higher than the growth rate of sales revenue, which had a certain impact on the net profit attributable to shareholders. During the reporting period, the company lowered the prices of some products, while the rise in labor costs led to an increase in costs, and the gross profit margin of the company's products fell year-on-year

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