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On the morning of March 30, Taifu heavy equipment group and Shayang Xingang Investment Group successfully signed a cooperation agreement on the Shayang iron water intermodal project. The signing ceremony was presided over by Liu Kexiong, head of Shayang County. Jiejianping, Secretary of Shayang County Party committee, Zhang Yong, chairman of Taifu heavy equipment group and other leaders attended the signing ceremony and delivered speeches. Wu Chao, senior president of the group, and Luo Feng, chairman of Shayang Xingang investment, signed the contract on behalf of both parties

Taifu Shayang railway water combined transport project was successfully signed

Shayang railway water combined transport project is composed of three single projects: port dredging railway, port logistics park and combined transport wharf, with an estimated total investment of more than 3 billion yuan. At present, the development of the project continues to implement the monetary easing policy, and the direction and functional orientation have been determined. The second marriage between Taifu and Xingang investment marks the further deepening of the cooperation between the two sides, and also lays a foundation for ensuring that the project and Menghua railway are put into production and operation at the same time. According to the agreement, the two sides will set up a special class to promote the work tasks of the project, and Pacific heavy equipment group will do 1 Improve the quality of products and provide all-round technical support for professional service institutions for project planning, construction and operation

the Shayang hot metal project is another important breakthrough of Taifu heavy equipment group in the field of water transportation engineering industry, and it is also a demonstration of Taifu's strength in opening up the whole industrial chain of planning, design, construction and operation of water transportation engineering industry. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Taifu will further consolidate and improve its qualifications and capabilities in engineering services, and take a further step towards the goal of becoming a world leading leader in engineering services

Wu Chuanbin, deputy county head of Shayang County, Wu Daoxin, chairman of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, Thai Fu group immediately stopped stretching when data showed that Li Hansheng, senior president of Thai Fu Group, Thai Fu heavy industry (the nominal size of Shayang 3.2.2 bricks), Thai Fu Zhongcheng, Thai Fu construction, and relevant heads of Thai Fu International witnessed the signing ceremony

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