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Doing a good job of boiler supervision to ensure stable operation is a very important work, and doing a good job of boiler and pressure vessel safety supervision is an important foundation to ensure the safe operation of boiler and pressure vessel equipment and personal safety. Sanmenxia Huayang Power Generation Co., Ltd. conscientiously carried out boiler and pressure vessel safety supervision, which was well evaluated by the inspection team in the national boiler supervision work inspection organized by the national power company to remove residual impurities in 2000

Sanmenxia Huayang company has 2 power boilers and 52 pressure vessels, which are in good operation. From 1999 to 2000, No.2 boiler also set the highest record in the history of 7243.05h continuous safe operation without tube explosion and fire extinguishing, and set the first-class level of 300MW unit boilers in China

1 improve the safety supervision and management organization of boiler and pressure vessel

the supervision and management of boiler and pressure vessel is a part of safety management. The leaders of Huayang company attach great importance to the safety supervision of boiler and pressure vessel. According to the relevant regulations of the state power company on the safety supervision of boiler and pressure vessel, our company has established a boiler and pressure vessel safety supervision leading group, whose members include operation, maintenance, operation technology, safety supervision, chemistry The personnel of thermal engineering and other departments carry out work under the leadership of the chief engineer, and accept the technical guidance of the leaders of the boiler supervision commission of Guodian Huazhong branch, the boiler supervision commission of the Provincial Bureau and the boiler inspection center for adopting direct gates or large section gates to reduce shrinkage. The company also established three-level safety supervision of boiler and pressure vessel, which is composed of boiler supervision leading group, department professional workers, team leaders, technicians and welding technicians, further strengthening the safety technical supervision of boiler and pressure vessel

2 do a good job in basic work

the registration of boiler and pressure vessel technology is a necessary condition for obtaining the use license. Our company's boiler and pressure vessel technology registration work, in strict accordance with the regulations, comprehensively registered deaerator, high-low heater, expansion vessel, air tank, hydrogen tank, etc., and issued the use license for No. 1 and No. 2 boilers and 52 pressure vessels for power generation, which successfully completed the technical registration work

3 strengthen the safety management of boiler and pressure vessel

in the safety management of boiler and pressure vessel, the company carefully implements various national and industrial technical standards and regulations, establishes and improves various operation and maintenance procedures, metal and chemical supervision systems, and revises various procedures and systems every 1-2 years or work needs according to the actual situation and equipment changes. The company has also formulated and issued the "boiler and pressure vessel safety management system", "gas cylinder safety management system", "boiler pressure and reduce environmental damage vessel regular inspection system", "pressure vessel supervision and management standards", "boiler anti-wear and anti explosion management regulations", etc., which have been carefully implemented and implemented in practical work

4 strictly implement the regular inspection system

the company carries out the regular inspection of boiler and pressure vessels in time according to the requirements of boiler and pressure vessel inspection procedures. The internal inspection of boilers and pressure vessels is carried out during the overhaul and entrusted to the boiler inspection center of the Provincial Bureau for implementation; External inspection is arranged to be carried out in operation and minor repair

before each unit overhaul, the company signs an inspection entrustment contract with the inspection unit, which includes the inspection scope, requirements, both parties, rights and obligations, inspection costs, etc. generally, the boiler inspection center of the provincial bureau is entrusted to carry out internal and external inspection of boiler pressure vessels. Through regular inspection, some major equipment defects and hidden dangers were indeed found, such as the regular inspection of No. 1 boiler in 1999, which found out the reheater accident water spray temperature reduction (20g steel, Φ five hundred and fifty-eight point five × 30) sleeve crack; In 2000, No.2 boiler found cracks in the tee weld of the outlet header of the superheater, and long cracks in the elbow weld of the intermediate temperature reheater. The company attached great importance to them and dealt with them in time

the external inspection of boilers and pressure vessels is conducted once a year, and the problems found are timely. 2. The surface stress of the zigzag specimen of the hydraulic universal testing machine shall be notified to the relevant departments for rectification. According to the guidelines for preventing "four pipe" explosion of boiler, hydraulic test under working pressure shall be conducted for each major and minor repair or maintenance of pressure bearing parts. Periodic exhaust test of boiler safety valve shall be conducted once a quarter, and safety valve calibration shall be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations

5 standardize the operation and maintenance management of boilers and pressure vessels

in addition to the operation logs and regular work records, the company also has regular exhaust steam test records of safety valves, boiler overtemperature and overpressure records, boiler positive pressure records, boiler startup and shutdown records, defect notices, etc. Complete maintenance records have been established for the four tube explosion and the transformation and replacement of pressure bearing parts. According to the principle of "three don't let go", the causes of explosion and overtemperature are carefully analyzed and preventive measures are formulated. Technical measures to prevent boiler tube explosion and boiler overheating and overpressure have been formulated successively, and the technical account of boiler and pressure vessel has been established and improved; In addition to the technical archives of high-pressure welders and nondestructive testing personnel, the technical archives of boiler and pressure vessel operators and maintenance personnel have been established. According to personnel changes, the members of the company's boiler and pressure vessel safety supervision leading group were adjusted in time to ensure the normal performance of their duties

the company strengthened the management of welding technology, examined the qualification of welders and NDT personnel of the maintenance team who came to our factory during major and minor repairs, and strictly inspected the crater, and there was no welding quality accident

6 increase the equipment transformation and the application of new technologies to improve the safety and reliability of the equipment

6.1 the transformation of the "high temperature reheater" central elbow of No. 1 and No. 2 boilers. The original high temperature reheater inner ring inlet pipe is complex and the expansion is inconsistent, the elbow radius is small, and the expansion cannot be absorbed, so that the "high temperature reheater" inner ring pipe often bursts. Through major and minor repairs, it was replaced by the improved tp347u-shaped elbow of Dongfang Boiler Factory, and a small bend was added from the original single "U" shaped bend, which reduced the stress caused by the welding of dissimilar steel, made the elbow more conducive to expansion, and improved the safety of boiler operation. Since the transformation, no high re explosion has occurred

6.2 two boilers are equipped with a four tube explosion and leakage microcomputer monitoring and detection system, which provides a scientific means for the early diagnosis of furnace tube explosion. It did play a role in the operation. In July 2000, the tube explosion of the medium temperature reheater of boiler 2 was accurately detected, and the boiler was shut down as soon as possible to avoid the expansion of the accident

in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment, the company has also done a lot of work in the boiler and pressure vessel, such as changing the pulse steam source pipe of the safety valve of boiler 1 and 2 to stainless steel pipe and adding heat tracing pipe, changing the desuperheating water regulating valve of boiler superheater of 2 to imported valve, using 18 amine method to protect the boiler and thermal system of unit overhaul and overhaul, using ultrasonic oxide skin thickness measurement method to diagnose the service life of furnace pipe, etc

due to the attention of the company's leaders and the hard work of all departments, through equipment transformation, regular inspection of wear and explosion prevention, strict control of overtemperature operation and other work, the four tube explosion of boilers has been effectively prevented and reduced. In 1999, two boilers were achieved without tube explosion throughout the year, and the operation safety and stability of boilers and pressure vessel equipment have been greatly improved

7 strengthen the training and assessment of professionals related to boiler and pressure vessel, so that they can work with certificates

the company's operators engaged in boiler and pressure vessel operation have received professional training, and the company continues to carry out technical training and assessment. The main operators on duty of boiler operation have been trained by simulator, hold qualification certificates, and can only be on duty independently after passing the examination of the Department before taking up their posts independently. (yuxiaofeng)

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