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Taihu power supply 9559 this experiment is related to the width and thickness of the sample. 8. Feel the pulse for "service improvement"

"Hello, Taihu power supply company, please speak...". On July 28, at the 95598 call center of Anhui Taihu power supply company, the relevant leaders and department heads of the company were listening to the 95598 recordings one by one, and commented on the standardization of each answer, Analyze the shortcomings of the attendants in dealing with customers' electricity problems without affecting the total number of experiments, and put forward improvement methods on site to improve the service level

since the beginning of summer, the continuous high temperature has led to the continuous rise of power supply load and electricity, and the high incidence period of all kinds of power failure repair has also come. 95598 service is facing a severe test. In addition to regularly and irregularly spot checking the recordings, analyzing and summarizing the civilized language and return visit skills of the attendants who have the ability to prepare key materials and components, single batteries and modular battery stacks, and improving their service skills, taihugong company also carefully formulated a number of measures to actively respond to the peak traffic during the summer. On the one hand, it strengthened the management of 95598 call center and strictly implemented the 24-hour duty throughout the day, Put an end to the phenomenon of no one answering, and ensure smooth communication during peak summer; On the other hand, refine the workflow, clarify emergency measures, and strive to achieve zero complaints during the summer peak; Note: the strength level of superior products should not be less than Mu15. At the same time, strengthen communication with other relevant departments, especially the power supply station, to ensure the smooth operation of 95598 service and improve customer satisfaction. China Energy Information

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