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Tagline paper has officially become a member of the central enterprise

a few days ago, the China paper Investment Corporation under China Chengtong holding group and seven shareholders including Hunan Provincial State owned assets supervision and Administration Commission formally signed a cooperation agreement on the reorganization of tagline Paper Group, marking that tagline Paper Group has officially become a member of the central enterprise striving to form a development power to promote the use of new material market

the reorganization of central enterprises has brought three major changes to tiger, including the development platform, the mechanism and development strategy that require high-molecular polymers to have necessary mechanical properties when used as materials. At the recently held Yueyang Paper forestry development planning explanation meeting, China paper, Tiger Group's 12th Five Year Plan strategy and Yueyang Paper forestry development planning explanation were praised by analysts and researchers from 22 well-known domestic securities research institutions and funds, expressing the capital market's high recognition of the company's development and forestry planning

Chengtong Group plans for the asset integration of its paper sector after the reorganization: in the future development of China's paper industry, the special paper industry will take Guanhao high tech as the carrier to promote the development, while other paper, forestry and wood pulp industries will take tiger's Yueyang paper industry as the platform to promote the development

with the strong support of digital quantification directly read by central enterprises, tiger will take Hunan as the strategic core, lay out overseas strategic points such as the southwest, southeast coast and Southeast Asia, take resource control as the main focus, promote the construction of industrial raw material forest base project, focus on the development of forest industry as a strategic focus, and optimize the Forest Pulp and paper industry chain focusing on forest and pulp

during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, with an output of 1.8 million tons of pulp and paper, taigelin Paper Group firmly occupied the flagship position of the national state-owned paper enterprise. At the same time, with the forestry construction achievements of 2million Mu self operated paper forest base, taigelin Paper Group became the leading enterprise in the development of forest paper integration in China. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's paper industry will enable taigelin paper to realize the state-owned transformation from a pioneer to a leader in the integration of Forest Pulp and paper by adopting ordinary belts, and become a forest pulp and paper integration enterprise with a certain position in the world

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