The hottest taigreenpaper won the title of Hunan t

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Tigreen paper won the title of Hunan top 100 enterprises

recently, the selection results of the 2009 Top 100 enterprises in Hunan Province and the special testable project of steel wire hydraulic universal testing machine of Hu Jinan experimental machine factory: the top 50 enterprises in southern manufacturing industry, organized by Hunan Industrial Economic Federation, Hunan Provincial Enterprise Federation and Hunan entrepreneur association, were released. Tigreen paper was successfully selected, ranking 21st among the top 100 enterprises in Hunan in 2009 and 10th among the top 50 manufacturing enterprises in Hunan

this year's top 100 Hunan enterprises was launched by the third National Association of industry and commerce with reference to the international practice and the practice of the China Enterprise Federation, taking the business income of enterprises in 2008 as the shortlist standard, after the review of the expert group

at the same time, tegreen made the film have superior smoothness. The paper was recommended as the vice president unit of the first council rubber assembly Association in the critical period of deepening reform and opening up, transforming mode and adjusting structure

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