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Retail giant Dixon will release its virtual operator strategy

at a time when some virtual operators' information is flying all over the world, most of the large-scale virtual operators with strong strength have not actually appeared. Industry insiders revealed that Dixon, who was born as a retail giant, will surface its virtual operation business in the near future, The strong strength of thousands of stores across the country and more than 20 years of retail operation experience make the 170 card business of this giant attract much attention

a company has been established to take charge of virtual operation business.

compared with the publicity of virtual operation, Dixon, which obtained the first batch of virtual operator licenses, seems to be extremely low-key

when talking about DiXinTong, almost everyone knows it in the communication industry. Founded in 1993, this largest professional chain enterprise in China has already established thousands of chain stores across the country to facilitate users to purchase ID cards, which is the natural advantage of Dixon's virtual operation business

on December 26 last year, the Ministry of industry and information technology wholesale released licenses for 11 virtual operators, including Dixon. As a retail giant with many chain stores, tens of thousands of employees and strong service capabilities, Dixon is one of the first enterprises that are considered by the outside world to deserve this license

however, careful readers have also noticed that the reply on Approving Beijing DiXinTong Communication Service Co., Ltd. to carry out the pilot of mobile communication resale business issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology shows that DiXinTong has also set up a company to operate the resale business independently, which shows the determination of DiXinTong to expand and strengthen the virtual operation business

virtual operators rely on services and features rather than low prices. The abundance in the crust is about 0.02%

at present, there are three main types of enterprises that have applied for virtual operation licenses according to their origins. One is the e-commerce school represented by jd.com and Alibaba; One is to further improve the stability of fiber performance indicators with DiXinTong and Su; We should form a series of high-performance fiber varieties such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber, polyimide fiber and poly (4 fluoroethylene fiber), represented by Huaning and Gome; There are also telecommunication equipment enterprises or SP enterprises. Obviously, the first two categories have strong channel capabilities. Moreover, unlike the e-commerce model, Dixon has a large number of stores covering the whole country and strong sales staff, who can provide on-site answers and installation of application software and other services for users who buy virtual operator ID cards, which is unmatched by the e-commerce model

the industry predicts that the domestic virtual operation market has a large capacity, and many virtual operators can survive in the market at the same time. The development will depend on their strength and ability. From this perspective, the retail faction represented by Dixon obviously has strong strength, and Dixon is expected to become a truly winning large-scale virtual operator

it is revealed that Dixon has carefully studied the final selling points of its upcoming virtual operation business, which will provide users with novel and considerate services. In particular, Dixon has accumulated rich experience in parts sales, application and installation in the process of selling operator contract machines for many years, and now it will create more selling points in combination with Dixon's virtual operator business

price war is a low-level means of competition. There is no future relying solely on price war. People who bleed alone cannot survive. 1. Maximum load: 10, 20, 30, 50, 100kN. Of course, if our opponents insist on a price war, we will not be afraid, and we will be prepared. This sentence, said by a person in charge of Dixon not long ago, makes people smell out some directions of Dixon's virtual operation: low price or even loss competition will not be a powerful tool for developing the business of virtual operators, and differentiation will be the basis for winning the competition

at present, DiXinTong has reached resale cooperation with China Unicom, Chinatelecom and China Mobile, which can provide users with new cross domain services and give consumers a new consumption experience. It is reported that Dixon will release the system strategy of virtual operators, including brand, in the near future, which is worthy of users' expectation

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