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"Taihao energy saving technology" helps 2008 east China public building Festival (1) large heavy ion/proton tumor treatment equipment, image-guided radiotherapy equipment, high-definition electronic endoscope, high-resolution confocal endoscope, digital minimally invasive and implant surgery system, surgical robot, anesthesia machine workstation, adaptive mode ventilator, electrosurgical instruments, intraoperative imaging equipment, brain pacemaker and vagus nerve stimulator and other nerve regulation products On October 23, 2008, the "2008 east China public building energy efficiency Summit Forum" hosted by the Shanghai Municipal Construction Commission and the office of the leading group for the first energy construction pilot work was held in the Jiuzhou Hall of Shanghai Jianguo Hotel. More than 130 experts and leaders from relevant government departments, energy-saving management institutions, energy-saving enterprises, construction units, design institutes and other experts gathered to discuss the energy-saving road of large public buildings in Shanghai

2008 east China public building energy efficiency Summit Forum

this activity received strong support from Shanghai urban and rural construction and Transportation Commission, Shanghai Luwan District People's government, Shanghai municipal office affairs administration, Shanghai Federation of industry and commerce, and Shanghai intelligent building "intelligent building technology" participated in the whole process as a supporting media. With the theme of "interpreting energy-saving policies, promoting energy-saving technologies, and seeking opportunities for cooperation", the forum focused on the new norms and technologies of energy conservation in large public buildings, and discussed the application of intelligent buildings in public energy conservation and emission reduction from the aspects of standards and specifications, engineering cases, and theoretical research. Through the form of the summit forum, the forum included government building energy conservation management institutions, building energy conservation enterprises, developers, construction units The design institute establishes a platform for communication and dialogue to discuss the construction and development direction of Shanghai building energy efficiency industry from a professional perspective. As the only enterprise representative, the representative of Taihao company made a speech on "Taihao Bens building electrical system energy-saving overall solution" at the meeting, which was highly recognized by the participants

representatives of Taihao company

take advantage of the opportunity of the World Expo to promote the process of building energy conservation in Shanghai

The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Comrade Zhou Jianxin, director of the office of the Shanghai intelligent building pilot leading group, and Mr. Huang Jianzhi, deputy director of the Shanghai urban and rural construction and Transportation Commission and deputy director of the Bureau of Shanghai WorldExpo coordination, delivered the opening speech, He pointed out: "as a leading city in China's development, Shanghai should actively respond to the national energy-saving policy, based on rural construction, seize the opportunity of the WorldExpo, and take the road of energy conservation that is in line with the actual situation of the region with the help of the successful experience of the construction of the Beijing Olympic Games."

Mr. Huang Jianzhi

experts from three places offer suggestions, building energy conservation needs an overall solution

Dr. hexiaoyan of the Academy of construction Sciences, Professor chengdazhang of Tongji University, deputy director of the Institute of new building technology hexiaolei, Professor Zhao zheshen of Shanghai University, chairman of the building energy conservation professional committee, hexiaolei, hexiaoyan, zhuweifeng of Shanghai Academy of Building Sciences, and Jiangsu energy conservation expert gongyanfan Zhejiang expert Huang Kai and other expert representatives attended the meeting and delivered wonderful special reports

Professor chengdazhang, Tongji University, Shanghai summarized the work achievements and experience of energy consumption monitoring of domestic office buildings and large public buildings, and based on the current relevant standards in China, proposed that the management of energy consumption monitoring system should include four aspects: technical scheme review, construction process supervision, project acceptance and system operation supervision, It is emphasized that energy conservation should start with energy consumption detection, first of all, understand their own energy consumption status, and carry out energy-saving transformation in each system; Dr. Cheng Jianjie, from the school of urban construction, Nanjing University of technology, Jiangsu Province, pointed out that the introduction of control and system ideas, through fine management, is the core of building electrical energy conservation; Wang Hao, chief engineer of Taihao, introduced the new BEMS framework, emphasizing the integrated optimization design of intelligent buildings, the integration of various subsystems, and the implementation of the driving system based on the unified management platform: now the overall energy-saving solution from diagnosis, design to transformation, operation and management. At the meeting, Zhang Jiwen, the technical director of Taihao Shanghai company, also shared with the guests the valuable experience of the construction of Beijing Olympic venues and the energy-saving transformation of Shanghai Oriental commercial building with examples, He pointed out: "While ensuring comfort and efficiency in modern large-scale public buildings, more and more attention is paid to safety and energy conservation. The establishment of the overall energy-saving scheme for intelligent electrical construction has become inevitable. Through the energy management platform, integrating building automation with security and energy conservation will greatly improve the operating efficiency of each subsystem, reduce the application cost, and achieve energy conservation, capital saving, efficiency and comfort, which is in line with the reality of domestic building energy conservation.

energy conservation integrator As the only speaker at this forum, Taihao company has been actively concerned about the development of domestic building energy conservation since 2006, and won the "2007 China building energy efficiency annual influential enterprise" by the Ministry of construction. In the field of building energy efficiency, the joint venture company has established a set of overall energy-saving scheme for building electrical energy-saving diagnosis and management in line with China's national conditions through the introduction of the joint venture's advanced energy-saving technology, combined with Taihao BEMS energy management platform, and through full integration. The scheme takes the overall design as the core, and integrates single energy-saving technologies such as building energy consumption measurement system, building automatic control system, central air conditioning frequency conversion energy-saving system, Full-2Way lighting control system, etc., which can provide a one-stop service for buildings from diagnosis of many problems, design to transformation, operation and management. It can provide energy-saving diagnosis and transformation schemes for existing building electrical systems for government public buildings, business buildings, hotels, various venues, digital parks, hospitals and other different buildings; Energy saving planning and optimization design scheme of new intelligent buildings. So as to save energy consumption and reduce building operation costs

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