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Seamless integration of intelligent automation Advantech technology welcomes the era of multiple applications of IOT

there is a law of great change every 15 years in the science and technology industry. On average, a new key technology will appear every 15 years. From mainframe computer in 1965, personal computer in 1980 and Internet in 1995, IOT is an important driver leading this new round of change. Advantech, as the promoter of smart earth, provides software and hardware solutions and looks forward to setting off a wave of IOT control and communication

IOT changes industrial automation

Advantech regards IOT as a structural concept, which is the inevitable result of the development of technology and industry to a certain stage. The industrial chain of IOT, that is, the so-called DCM (device, connect and manage) and the three-tier architecture of industrial automation, the device layer, the control layer and the information layer, echo each other. In the IOT environment, each level has greatly evolved from the original traditional functions. Reaching the so-called comprehensive perception in the device (device) is to upgrade the original object into an intelligent object, It can identify or collect various data; The connect layer is to ensure the reliable transmission of information, which is extended to all kinds of wireless networks in addition to the original wired networks; In the management layer, it is necessary to improve the original management function to intelligent processing, and make more intelligent processing and presentation of all kinds of collected data. From another perspective, IOT can more specifically realize the vision of the integration of automation and information

industrial automation manufacturer Advantech locks in IOT application

Advantech actively plays the role of pushing the smart earth in the era of IOT. Looking at Advantech's expertise and development direction, it really coincides with the overall structure of IOT. Based on the fact that the effective application of products is the key for IOT to promote the dissemination of green manufacturing concept, green manufacturing diagnosis service, green manufacturing financial docking, green manufacturing + interconnection and green manufacturing international cooperation exhibition in the future, Advantech first cut into familiar fields, including public safety, building energy conservation, environmental monitoring, industrial monitoring, intelligent transportation, intelligent electricity, intelligent home and other applications. At the same time, it is observed that many manufacturers in the application of IOT based on relevant research data have their own technologies and lack integration. Advantech is well aware that for the promotion of IOT, if only providing hardware is not enough, it must also use software to link and process data acquisition, computing, communication, control, management and other aspects. At the same time, it must plan integrated solutions according to the needs of service applications. Therefore, Advantech has put forward a five-year plan for IOT application. This plan mainly focuses on the preliminary preparation of IOT construction, and greatly reduces the threshold of building sensor network while meeting the basic requirements of building the network. Once the threshold of sensor network technology is reduced and efforts are successful, all customer partners, i.e. system integrators, will be more convenient in developing IOT related applications, which is the main mission of Advantech in IOT

at the 2012 China International Industry Expo (AIS 2012), Advantech will specifically demonstrate the seamless integration of intelligent automation and IOT integration solutions


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