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The Yangtze River ecological monitoring base was unveiled in Jiangsu

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the Yangtze River ecological monitoring base of the satellite environmental application center of the Ministry of ecological environment was recently unveiled in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province. It is the first big data platform that integrates detection, assessment and early warning and is applied in the Yangtze River Basin

according to the sky earth integration technology system, through satellite remote sensing, unmanned aerial vehicles, ground monitoring and other means, the base has conducted high-precision and rapid dynamic monitoring and monitoring on the current 50kN minimum model of this kind of experimental machine on the natural shoreline of the Yangtze River, the ecological protection red line, water, and visited several neighboring sources of our experimental machine factory, so as to "timely grasp various ecological damage and environmental pollution problems, Assess and warn ecological risks, and support the supervision of service ecological environment

on the same day, the Taizhou operation command center of healthy Yangtze River was unveiled. The center is responsible for the unified scheduling of ecological and environmental protection in Taizhou section of the Yangtze River, and timely capture, discover, dispose of or transfer all kinds of ecological and environmental hazards. During the transition period, the focus of investment growth shifted downward to ensure the timely and standardized disposal of environmental emergencies

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