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The customer experience of Volvo Construction equipment continued to upgrade in 2015

the customer experience of Volvo Construction equipment continued to upgrade in 2015

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since June 1, as one of the important brand activities of Volvo Construction Equipment, "caring from the heart, professional, with many customers buying, they are very satisfied." Volvo Construction equipment customer experience upgrading activities have been hot throughout the country, And will continue until September 30. This year, Volvo Construction equipment not only plays an innovative brand in concept, but also first promotes the care theme of "cleaning up Aiji sub-health, saving time and effort, making money and being busy", which urges customers to pay more attention to the hidden dangers of sub-health of equipment in a simple and understandable way, and helps customers ensure efficient production from the source; Combined with mobile Internet technology, the company launched the "patrol e report" to strive to create a better user service experience

China's construction equipment mostly works in mines, ports and other severe working conditions, and users have high requirements for the attendance rate of equipment; On the other hand, Chinese users' awareness of preventive inspection and maintenance of equipment also has room for Taizhou to be the source and distribution center of Chinese plastic products. Inadequate preventive maintenance of equipment is likely to lead to equipment shutdown or serious failure, affecting the project duration and the economic benefits of users. To this end, Volvo Construction equipment not only mobilized professional service personnel from dealers across the country to conduct professional and comprehensive inspection of user equipment to help users troubleshoot equipment hidden dangers and improve equipment performance; It focuses on the concept of "sub-health" and comprehensively popularizes the skills and knowledge of equipment maintenance. In order to facilitate users and machine operators to understand the basic content of "sub-health", Volvo Construction Equipment customized folding and patrol machine stickers with the theme of "sub-health" for customers, and gave simple examples of the symptoms and hazards of "sub-health" of the equipment. Through the way of "teaching people to fish", we are committed to improving users' long-term production efficiency and letting customers feel professional services from the heart

at the same time, Volvo Construction equipment also innovatively launched the "patrol e report", leading the new trend of digital services. After the comprehensive physical examination of the equipment, the service engineer only needs to select the sub-health "symptoms" on the digital platform and attach the corresponding photos, and then the "patrol e report" with pictures and texts can be generated with one click; The owner can access the key information about the health of his equipment and ensure accurate communication with the operator. Simple operation has greatly improved the attention and convenience of users, and achieved a leap in user service experience

"care from heart, professional accompanying" Volvo Construction equipment customer experience activity has lasted for three times since 20 years according to the relevant staff of the sponsor. Adding functional accessories can complete a variety of experiments on chains, wire ropes, welding rods, components, cement, concrete, bricks, tiles, rubber and their products. With intimate and professional services, high-quality accessory products and perfect customer support agreements, it can effectively reduce the downtime rate of users' equipment, create greater equipment value, and thus win wide recognition from users. The event was also rated as "top ten marketing events in China's construction machinery industry" for two consecutive years, setting a new benchmark for post market services in the industry

Mr. cenjiahui, President of Volvo Construction Equipment China, said: "Under the 'new normal', the innovation of post market services is very important for the sustainable development of construction machinery enterprises. Volvo Construction equipment customer experience upgrading activity is an important measure for us to thoroughly investigate the needs of equipment users and improve the service solutions of Volvo Construction equipment throughout the product life cycle. We will continue to deepen the mutual cooperation of various service departments, work together with dealer partners to build Volvo Construction equipment Prepare professional post market service brands to help the transformation and development of the industry. "

Volvo Group is the world's leading manufacturer of commercial transportation and construction equipment, focusing on the manufacturing and service of trucks, passenger cars, construction equipment, ships and industrial application drive systems. At the same time, it also provides customers with a full range of solutions for financial and after-sales services. Volvo Group currently has production bases in 19 countries around the world and operates in more than 190 markets with about 100000 employees. In 2014, the sales volume of Volvo Group was SEK 283billion (EUR 31billion). Volvo Group is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in Stockholm

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