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Sweet orange financial call center customer service 95106 full trial operation

since November 1, 2016, sweet orange financial call center customer service number 95106 has entered the full trial operation stage. Telecom, mobile and Unicom users can handle and consult sweet orange financial related businesses through 95106 customer service. At the same time, in order to ensure that users in all regions and operators across the country can enjoy timely and satisfactory services, the original customer service number of sweet orange finance will be used in parallel during the trial operation of the new customer service number. If users of individual operators in some regions cannot connect to 95106, they can call directly for consultation and handle relevant businesses

the relevant person in charge of sweet orange Finance said that the launch of the new customer service number 95106 for unified access across the country has not only made the customer service business of sweet orange finance have a unique logo, the number is more concise and convenient for consumers to identify and remember, but also a new interface for sweet orange finance to provide users with more convenient and efficient services. Users can easily enjoy the comprehensive, efficient, considerate and professional services of business consultation, password forgetting, quick loss reporting, theft reporting, easy payment, payment assistant, sweet orange wealth management and other businesses by dialing 95106

in addition, in order to take care of users' habits, the previous customer service trial run of sweet orange finance was temporarily used in parallel with the new 95106 to ensure that users in all regions and operators throughout the country can enjoy timely and efficient services during the trial run

with the rapid development of Internet finance, customer service business not only meets the basic business consulting and handling needs of users, but also needs strong technical support to enable enterprises to better understand users and serve users, so as to meet users' needs for more diversified and professional customer service business

to this end, in 2016, the sweet orange financial intelligence customer service center was comprehensively upgraded. The location of the center was moved from Guangzhou to Xi'an, and then attracted a large number of top-notch talents in the fields of artificial intelligence, voice and image recognition to join and settle in Xi'an. They continued to pursue innovation in the interrupted operation of smart timing, and took the lead in cooperating with the Intelligent Technology Research Laboratory of colleges and universities, We will actively explore AI services for Internet financial services in products and media. At the same time of intelligent construction, sweet orange financial customer service center has always adhered to the user first, constantly optimizing the service awareness and service skills of customer service personnel, and in October 2016, with excellent customer experience and professional skills, it won the honor of 201 "not tightly blocked through the wall Interface storage "Although wood plastic composite technology originated in the United States, cracks in seams, veneers and other phenomena are very common. It is reported that the new customer service number 95106 of sweet orange financial call center has entered the second stage of the trial operation of developing headquarters economy, which will provide users with a better customer service experience and further improve users' service perception. The relevant person in charge of sweet orange Finance said, dial When you call or answer 95106, if you have any comments and suggestions, you can feed back to the customer service staff at any time

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