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Blizzard Entertainment's new customer service center was officially opened in Taiwan on March 1, aiming to provide multilingual and high-quality services for Asian players. From now on, the customer service center will take the lead in providing traditional Chinese and Thai services to players in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Thailand; And provide additional support for English players in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand before the end of the year

in order to share this rare moment with players, the official specially invited eddy, general manager of Blizzard Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, Todd Pawlowski, senior vice president of global customer service and service technology, and Ian Clarke, senior regional director of customer service to cut the ribbon

from left, eddy, Todd Pawlowski, Ian Clarke

todd Pawlowski also sat down in person and listened to players' problems with headphones

remind players! With the official opening of the new customer service center, customer service will change from the original answering service to callback service. From now on, the service of the old customer service center (+) will be stopped. In the future, after players submit callback customer service support, customer service personnel will take the initiative to contact players and provide corresponding assistance. If players have any problems that need assistance, they can submit a return form through the customer service station. (+ follow CTI forum number ctiforumnews)

in addition, Blizzard is still actively looking for enthusiastic employees who love Epic Games and good service. Interested players can go to the official website to learn more

after the meeting, a media interview was held immediately, and the complete contents are as follows

please briefly introduce the organizational structure of the latest customer service center

the game master (GM) acts as the front-line customer service and customer service representative, mainly talking with the person in charge of the replay service through the road. The logistics department mostly supports front-line customer service, and the service level coordinator is mainly to observe whether there is a situation in the game operation, and immediately report to the front-line customer service. Support information will provide a knowledge management system to inform front-line customer service of the latest policies, game changes, etc. by writing articles to ensure that they have enough knowledge to answer players' questions

in addition, workforce management must have sufficient and appropriate manpower to support front-line customer service; Learning and development specialists invest and train customer service; Project management specialists establish that customer service related plans can be faithfully implemented. Finally, the team manager is responsible for managing the GMS, while the operation manager is responsible for managing the logistics department

the current number is probably

in the past, customer service was operated through partner zhifandi, so in addition to transferring most employees, we also added dozens of positions, mainly for future players in the English area, including Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and other places. In addition, add 3 - 4 GM players to serve players in Thailand, who speak Thai

if there are players who are paying attention, we can find that Blizzard officials are recruiting multilingual staff, and they will increase staff in the future according to the situation

why is the main reason for setting up a customer service center in Taipei this time

Blizzard has a management philosophy and hopes to let the customer service team assist in the management and development of the operation teams in each region. Blizzard Taiwan has continued to grow in recent years. At the same time, we also have service needs for players in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and other places. Everyone believes that this is the right time to invest in customer service in Taiwan

Blizzard has been growing in recent years, with more products entering the operation and the demand for large-scale activities and E-sports activities. We observed that when a region has a strong operation team, the local customer service team can provide a lot of help, so we made this decision

in addition, there is another very important reason. For Blizzard, the customer service team has always been a strong talent database. In the past, many examples pointed out that when the regional operation teams grow, the customer service team can successfully meet the job vacancy demand

at present, these regions were successfully industrialized by North America, and used Europe to provide customer service. Why can Taiwan play this role

simply clarify that Blizzard will successively provide customer service centers in New Zealand, Australia and other places before the end of 2017

for setting up a customer service center in Taiwan, we believe that Taiwan has many multilingual talents, who can recruit good employees for Blizzard, and we also have an idea, hoping to keep the customer service in the region in the region. As just mentioned, the customer service centers in Southeast Asia and New Zealand and Australia were indeed established in North America and Europe, but now they are set in Taiwan, which has several advantages. First, the time zone is close, and players can get quick assistance and close connection

echoing strong operation teams are equipped with customer service centers, which were still developing in Taiwan before, but now they are thriving, so naturally they will also be equipped with customer service centers. Finally, it is added that Taiwanese people work very hard and are also booming in the game market

does Blizzard pay special attention to the quality of recruiting customer service talents

the first customer service personnel to be recruited should have: enthusiasm for Blizzard and games, a certain degree of customer service experience, and the direction of commit to Qu tearing and cutting should be consistent with the rolling direction. Excellence is our core value in making games, and we hope it can be extended to other employees. We are still actively looking for bilingual talents to assist players in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand

in addition, the company has two other core values: play nice; It is also very important to play fair based on integrity and learn grow endlessly

in the above question, for customer service talents to become part of the operation team, give some examples

we have countless examples, such as the chief of staff who currently assists the CEO started from GM. So far, countless customer service personnel have applied to work in various departments, and have also achieved good development

why can customer service personnel become the combat power of other departments

endless learning is a great focus. When you invest in yourself and other departments open vacancies, you will be very competitive

for Blizzard, customer service is a very important part. Players know Blizzard through customer service. Also because of the importance attached to customer service, in blizzard system, customer service has a deep connection with other departments and is no longer excluded. For example, if there are events that have not been planned in detail, customer service can provide substantive suggestions to relevant departments through past experience. Over time, it is easy to get that position

how many customer service centers in the world are as large as Taiwan

the number of people is much smaller than the energy consumption of ordinary low-energy buildings. The head offices of South Korea and Irvine, Southern California are relatively similar. Other bigger ones are Versailles in Austin, Texas, Ireland and the suburbs of Paris

as for the addition of customer service centers in the future, the company needs to develop according to the situation

how to evaluate the effectiveness of front and rear end customer service

we have many aspects to evaluate player satisfaction, and the ultimate goal is to let players get Blizzard quality services

customer service is in the first line. In the face of players' emotional reactions, what does Blizzard do to employees' psychological adjustment

we try to have fun at work, so that employees can work in a comfortable environment and ask about their evaluation of our experimental machine factory. In addition to working together, many employees will also go out to play after work. In addition, training and investment have made them better and better GM, and on the premise of satisfying players, the official has not set performance goals, such as dealing with several customer complaints a day, just hoping to serve players' problems well at the first time

incidentally, the official also has a completely anonymous employee opinion survey system every year and a half. Those who have hardship can express here, or write directly to Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime

in addition, a very important point is to provide customer service personnel with "tools", such as customer complaints about the game history of players, enough information to understand the cause of the problem, etc., and we sometimes give customer service some surprise presentations. Front-line customer service can make its own discretion. If the complaint is really Blizzard's fault, we can provide players with virtual Bora to express heartfelt apology and make players feel better

have you counted the number of appeals of each game every year? Will each region be different

basically, Blizzard receives a lot of data every day. Of course, it knows how much the return from each game is. The customer service team will closely contact the development team to establish a "player voice" plan to make the game better. (+ pay attention to CTI forum number ctiforumnews)

last year, the new type of game "battle special attack" was launched. What are the preparations for customer service

many employees of the company have experience in shooting games, and Activision Blizzard also has the "decisive moment" series, so we naturally have benefits

in addition, in the process of listing, the customer service team and the R & D team work closely together to understand each other's goals of listing and draw up predictable player problems. After listing, customer service gets problems from players, and then returns to the R & D team and makes a database. This is a cycle

operation after receiving customer complaints

the logistics team contacts the R & D team almost every day. If the customer complaint is a major problem, it will be dealt with immediately. The customer service department provides the R & D team with reports of varying degrees every day, week and month

what if the player asks a question completely unrelated to the game? Like before Calculus event

to be honest, there are not many such cases. Maybe sometimes GM will help players solve problems outside the game, but it is really not many. However, GM's timely display of humor will make him human and make employees enjoy it at work. There has been a story of gratitude before. A "world of Warcraft" player died for some reason. His mother asked Blizzard for help, hoping to have his son's account and log in to the guild to meet his living friends, which is of great significance to us

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