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The curtain wall of Guangzhou high-temperature glass self exploding building needs professional inspection

according to the report of the voice of China at 8:20, this summer can really be described as "high temperature and intense heat". We often feel "ice and fire" from indoors to outdoors with air conditioning. People may be reluctant to adapt to the sharp changes in temperature, but some of the items we use are going to be on fire. For example, recently in Guangzhou, there have been several accidents of automatic glass bursting, which have worried the citizens who have installed glass curtain walls

at present, the selling points of many real estate sales are glass curtain walls, "Butterfly" floating windows, etc., but glass is not reinforced concrete after all. Will it really be as safe as it looks? How can a good glass window explode by itself? A few days ago, Li Xiaoli, the author of Yangcheng Evening News, revealed the real outbreak of this hidden worry for us through an interview

host: Good morning, Li Xiaoli! Why did the glass curtain wall explode by itself? Is it related to the hot weather in Guangzhou

Author: Mr. Lin, the reporter, told me that Guangzhou is relatively hot now, and his air conditioner is also turned low (back to its original position). About 5 o'clock, he suddenly heard a bang, and his whole window glass exploded. I once saw at the scene that there was no shotgun or small stone on this glass. It completely exploded without any external force damage. I interviewed a professor of Jinan University about this matter, He said that if the temperature difference between inside and outside is relatively large, it will cause the self explosion of tempered glass

host: sitting at home, the glass broke with a bang. It sounds like the plot of the movie. Is this phenomenon a case or a mass incident? Has such an accident occurred in other parts of China

<6. Experimental software: Chinese winxp/2000 operating system, menu prompt, mouse selection, simple and convenient operation; p> Author: during this interview and investigation, I found that it was not a case, because in the same building, several families had experienced self exploding glass phenomenon. According to the data, I also saw that on July 31, 2006, after the glass curtain wall of the central Taifu building in Shanghai exploded, it fell down and hit a moving vehicle, causing two people to be injured. From 2007 to 2009, there were 12 circular arcs in Longdu community, Yubei District, Chongqing. See how many circles they made, their twisted glass exploded, and the falling glass smashed six cars. Wuhan Minsheng Bank and Zhongshan Avenue in Guangzhou all have this situation

host: it seems that this is really worrying. If you encounter a broken "glass rain" while walking, it is really dangerous. Then what methods can you increase the safety of the glass curtain wall

Author: we are worried about this phenomenon. Now some developers may stick a layer of film on it, and the fragments will not fall downstairs after self explosion, but some without film are likely to fall like raindrops, but even if there is mucous membrane, glass fragments will fall downstairs in windy weather or typhoon weather or if someone pushes hard indoors, So we are also worried about this phenomenon. During our interview with astm-d642, we found that the self explosion rate of tempered glass allowed by the state is 3 per thousand, because tempered glass itself has a self explosion feature, 3 per thousand, which sounds like a small data. But according to the selling point of many real estate projects now, good light transmission is the extensive use of tempered glass. From the bedroom to the living room, a family may have 7 to 10 pieces of such glass in their homes, so calculate, In fact, three thousandths is a great chance. Experts point out that they need to carry out an overhaul or professional inspection for their glass curtain wall within 5 to 10 years to prevent some dangerous events

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